"Jegsy gets bang inside Liverpudlians heads. This is as witty as it gets.

Itís literally the Doddís bollocks. The Redman is back on his perch and making us dream.Ē"

Brian Reade, Daily Mirror

"Jegsy, just read the book in one sitting. What can I say? Absolutely, bloody brilliant! I was with you on that journey all the way. Not literally with you as in travelled with you but you know what I mean and I saw you at plenty of places. You are one funny man mate. Had to read the TARDIS toilet incident three times to fully take it in as I was laughing so much I couldn't read the words properly. Also spot on about the incident at Cardiff. Great book Jegs and I do a lot of reading so it's praise indeed. Can't wait for the next one."

Peter Evo

Article in the Liverpool Echo

A tale of joy, heartbreak and madness following Liverpool Football Club around the Premier League grounds of Britain. The comedy, camaraderie and nonsense, itís all here.†